Your Freshman Year: What to Expect in College?

So, now you are out of high school and almost ready to move to college. Your things are packed, you already know who your roommates are, you’ve bought all the necessary stuff, and still have a couple of summer days to enjoy. That’s fine. But do you know what will happen next? Below is the expectation list that will help you understand what’s awaiting you in the nearest future after the move-in day. 

College Expectations

Your Freshman Year: What to Expect in College?

  1. Flexibility and independence

Forget about your schedule in high school. There’s no more getting up at 8 am for classes. In college, you’ll get freedom to choose the most appropriate time when you can study: either afternoon classes or just in the morning. The same is with the weekdays. However, it’s better to balance your study days, so you have an equal number of classes every day.

  1. Get patience for introduction classes

When getting ready for college, remember to take introductory classes as a boring but important step in your future studies.

  1. Find new friends

There are hundreds of different people in dorms, so just say “hi” and hang out with some of them. Surely, you’ll meet lots of nice people and it’s a start for lasting friendships.

  1. You’ll get annoyed with roommates

A day when your roommate will annoy you is to come – know this. People sharing one room for a long time annoy each other sometimes. So, try to take it easy and try to find compromises.

  1. Respect your RA

Try to be good to your RA and don’t make him/her give you frequent warnings. You RA may turn out to be a good friend of yours in the future and help you with resume recommendations, advice, etc.

  1. Choose your major only when you are ready

Don’t hurry to choose your major during your first year of college. Of course, people will talk about this and ask you questions. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to decide right now when to get ready for college. You still have time to think it over.

  1. Professors do influence the impression you get from classes

Your effect from classes in college will merely depend on your professors. If you find connection with your teacher, his class will become your favorite and vice versa. This is something that you can’t control, however, you can try to understand your teacher and to connect with him/her from your first classes. It will be very helpful in the future.

  1. Getting weight as a freshman is true

In the very start of the year, you are at risk of gaining the freshman 15. Unless you have a plan how to beat it. Work out, try to move, run in the morning, and this joke will just remain a joke.

  1. Getting homesick is easy to overcome.

As soon as you start missing home, try to perceive this problem from a different perspective. Do not focus on those things you are missing but fill your thoughts with good and new things that are in your life. The feeling of homesickness will fade away.

  1. What to wear to classes

If you are hesitating between weird outlook and strict uniform, choose the third option – just wear casual stuff. It’ll be comfortable for you as well as for your professors and friends.

  1. Find your perfect place for studying

Your effectiveness in studying will depend on your comfort, so choose a perfect study place for you where it’ll be easy to focus.

  1. Choosing Greek life in college

You can choose Greek life in your early years. It has a lot of positive sides, of course, however, there are many advantages of social life in college, too.

  1. Drink wisely

Alcohol is present in student life and usually in huge amounts. However, to drink it or not is only your choice, so choose wisely.

  1. Bathrooms in college are terrible

Community bathrooms in college are usual things, and you can avoid many unpleasant stuff connected with them.

  1. It’s OK that you won’t get all the classes you want

Sometimes, you can get a denial for the classes you’ve registered, but this is not the end of the world. You can enroll later. Just regularly check the system and take it under control.