Why It Is Better to Watch Less Television

Back in 1939 TV was not considered to become a serious competitor of radio. Who would sit with eyes glued to the screen instead of listening, people wondered. But as time has passed, we see now that TV has climbed the highest points of the population and is influencing average lives. People have started to argue that it is better to live a life rather than watch it on TV, so we should work on watching less television.

Reasons to Stop Watching TV. TOP-10

Watch TV LessYour worldview is influenced by television, and this is one of the chief reasons why you should stop watching TV. Ask anyone from ER, the police, fire or law department if their daily life at work has ever been depicted truthfully by the blue box. Honestly, we should not expect that television will accurately depict life and world, thus if you are watching it too much, you risk to get a complete disillusionment in life and wrong expectations from the world.

Your habits of spending money are influenced as well. Advertisement has enormous power on people, trust us, and even on those who believe in their immunity towards TV ads.  It influences your spending habits. If you think you are too smart to be influenced by the power of advertisements, you are wrong.

One more vital reason why you should stop watching TV is that it takes you far away from the real people in the real world. Instead of trying to resolve the issues of the fictional movie characters you are shown on the TV screen, try to get back to real life! You don’t pay attention to people here near you, they also have real problems in real life and often they need your help. It is one of the bad TV effects.

TV takes away your mental energy, you lose concentration, and your controlling abilities are getting lower.

TV rips you off. Did you know that more than $6 billions are annually spent by Americans just to pay for the electricity, not including the cable TV costs!

Oversimplification of reality is another one of the TV effects. Television takes away the ability to think rationally. Your clear thinking is harmed, because due to the patterns shown on TV you start to think that all problems are simple to be resolved.

Bad health is one of the most serious TV effects. For example, watching too much TV can lead to obesity.

TV addicts are less satisfied with life and more anxious. People who have a TV set in bedroom statistically have less sex than those couples that don’t watch TV in their bedroom.

The more TV you watch the more opportunities you lose. Instead of watching an average of 5 hours of TV daily, spend this time dining together, going to the zoo, doing sport, or camping.