Tips on Choosing the Right Career

Planning your future career as well as changing it usually seems to be full of anxiety, stresses, and unpleasant experiences. There is always a choice whether to follow your dream or to stay realistic and choose a less demanding job.

Career Path Choices

Career PathWhat drives people to make a particular choice? Is it possible to know beforehand whether our job will make us happier? Scientists claim that people are not able to predict their state of mind even in the nearest future. So what seemed like one of the most enjoyable jobs a year ago might seem terrible now. And there is nothing tragic about that, because there is no way we can know for sure if a career we are dreaming of right now will make us happy later.

So, when it comes to choosing an occupation, you should not rely on your emotions. You have to consider if the skills you possess will help you successfully perform your duties. It does not mean that you should follow a career path that does not motivate you. On the contrary, it should be one of those enjoyable jobs, but you must have realistic expectations.

How to stay motivated

  • Promotion focus. We are motivated when we consider what we can have after we reach our goal. When choosing an occupation, we think whether it is worth our efforts.
  • Prevention focus. It is about ensuring that everything we have already achieved will not disappear. You think about avoiding danger, being responsible, and reliable

When deciding which job to choose, people are motivated by both of these factors.

Dominant focus on the specific areas of life is one of the most important things to know about yourself.

Promotion-focused people are innovative, creative, willing to take risks. However, they tend to make more mistakes because of those risks. Meanwhile, prevention-focused people are thorough, detailed, accurate, and reliable. However, they are also rigid, afraid of risks, and less productive.

As you see, both motivation types have their pluses and minuses. If you know your dominant focus of motivation, it will help you find the right direction of your potential career.