123 sociology research topics for smart college students

sociology research paper topics for college students

Sociology is one of the most popular courses in colleges and universities across the world, especially in Europe and America. Students taking the course realize that sociology is an extensive program encompassing the study of the society and the issues in the community.

A sociology course not only prepares the student to be responsible citizens but also equips the learners with practical knowledge to understand and appreciate the society. Also, a sociology graduate is well placed to understand the issues that affect the community hence they can play a more significant role in solving some of the challenges faced by the human society in current time. Since studying sociology allows the student to understand the community they live in and even propose solutions to some of the issues in the nation, sociology graduates find the course to be advantageous and satisfying. Students passing through colleges and universities are required to select appropriate sociology research paper topics for analysis. Research allows the learners to test the knowledge they gained in the school in a real-life situation. Hence, selecting a fitting social studies topic adds value to skill sets acquired while learning and grants an opportunity to the learners to interact further with other scholars in the field.

Most students encounter challenges when choosing an appropriate research topic to examine. It is a fact that most college students are pressed for time as they have to juggle between attending lectures, studying for examination, attending group discussions, and keeping up with their social engagements. Therefore, they may not get enough time to come up with an appropriate study topic to enable them to complete the course successfully. To make the work easier for students pursuing sociology course, this article catalogs up to 123 Sociology research topics for college students to choose from and tackle with minimal challenges. The list is broad and provides wide-ranging ideas that a student can refer to before deciding the appropriate topic. Additionally, the article ensures that the views are as conclusive as possible.

Sociology research topics

The suggested lists of study are derived from 15 critical issues in sociology taught in colleges and universities. The subjects include human behavior and interaction, societal structure, ethnicity and culture, abortion, substance abuse, social inequality, conflicts and change in the society, health, social media, and law. Other topics in sociology of interest include family and the impacts of various proposals to the community. The proposed list also tackles the sociological questions that arise in the society.


You can choose a proper sociological research question from the list below:

  1. Is social inequality unavoidable in the community?
  2. How does the social inequality affect the ethical structure of the community?
  3. Who carries the blame for social inequality between the government and the citizens?
  4. Instances when social inequality can be regarded as useful to the society?
  5. The positive influence of social inequality on societal structure.
  6. America is a country of diverse people. Is ethnic diversity a good thing for a country the size of the United States?
  7. What is the effect of ethnicity on the culture in your country?
  8. Most nations on earth have national languages that are used to conduct official business of the state. Do some of the federal languages discriminate against some citizens’ right to expression?
  9. How does ethnicity foster conflicts in the society?
  10. How do people of different ethnic backgrounds tackle the issues of abortion in the society?
  11. Areas of conflict between religion and the right to procure abortion when mothers life is in danger.
  12. Is legalizing abortion the solution to curtailing unplanned pregnancies that are rampant in the society?
  13. Four possible ways of dealing with substance abuse in children under the age of ten.
  14. Is there a link between social media usage and the increase in vices in the society like the abortion and drug abuse.
  15. How does uptake of social media affect the relationship between the parent and the children under the age of fifteen?
  16. Are marketing companies using the social media to commercialize the life a child in the society?
  17. The unique human behaviors that fueled the uptake of social media.
  18. What are some of the social challenges facing children under the age of ten?
  19. Methods used by parents to regulate the usage of social media at home?
  20. Do medial social fray or strengthen the societal moral fabric?
  21. The repeal of the affordable care act had some repercussions to the society. What are some of the ways that are repealing the bill affected the United States of the American public who were most deserving of the program?
  22. What are some of the reasons fueling the increase of violence against women in their homes?
  23. What is the link between the child upbringing and crime rates in the society?
  24. Do the people using the social media feel closer to family and friends that when they use face-to-face communication?
  25. The issue of transgender people has often been overlooked by most countries in the world. Therefore, is the world ready for a third gender?
  26. Does donor funding towards gender-related programs forestall the spread of HIV in developing and middle-income countries in the world?
  27. How does racial segregation influence crime rates in the world’s biggest cities?
  28. How do law enforcement authorities use mass media to fight crime?
  29. How do humanitarian organizations enhance their programs using the social media?
  30. How do government agencies use the social media to solve conflicts in the society?
  31. How do government institutions use mass media to solve conflicts in the society?
  32. Is president Donald trump usage of social media, especially Twitter, reduce racial conflicts in the United States?
  33. What is the correlation between social media usage by politicians and the world peace?
  34. What human behavior influences overreliance of social media to communicate to the people around?
  35. Are the politicians, citizens, economists, or government policies to blame for the current state of the world affairs?
  36. How do prostate cancer incidence rates in the older citizens affect the relationship between the elderly and the young in the society?
  37. Do people suffering from various forms of cancer have a decreased quality of life when they stay at home rather than the hospital?
  38. What factors contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by patients with mental disorders getting treatment while living with family?
  39. Are patients suffering from terminal illnesses have a better quality of life when they stay at home with family or when they are based at the care homes?
  40. What factors influence change in the society?
  41. How do people react to changes in the society?
  42. What are bots? Moreover, why is their use in social media on the rise?
  43. What behavioral changes do the people using social media undergo when they stop relying on the mass media?
  44. How does the increase of fake news in the social media affect the behavior of people in the society?
  45. Do people posting fake news in the social media seek to influence the society?
  46. In what way are the fake news propagators seeking to benefit from posting the untrue information they post on the mass media outlets?
  47. How does the recent nuclear missile scare in Hawaii likely to affect the relationship between the state and the people?
  48. How are the United States government and nongovernmental authorities tackling the rise of obesity in the country?
  49. What factors fuel the strained relationship between the law enforcement officers and the African American citizens?
  50. What societal factors lead to the formation of societies like the Ku Klux Klan, and what impact do such organizations have on the people living near their areas of operation?
  51. Is government regulation of social media necessary to protect the society?

research paper ideas

Sociological research paper topics

In the course of their study, sociology students encounter issues about the creation, organization, and running of communities. The topics touching on the sociological aspects of the human society include taxation, labor relations, social discrimination, and cultures affecting the youth, lifestyle changes, food, housing, income, education, and social movements. A researcher can explore the topics to come up with an appropriate research idea. Some suggestions for the study topic are listed as follows.

Sociological questions

  1. Do most governments put in place a fair taxation regime for the citizens?
  2. What are some of the factors that affect a fair distribution of wages in your community?
  3. What role do governments and corporations play in ensuring that there is no societal discrimination in your community?
  4. What factors affect the distribution of schools in your community? Moreover, how are the authorities tackling the issue?
  5. How is the housing situation in the society you live? Do the authorities ensure that there is not racial discrimination during allocation of houses to the community?
  6. What cultures drive the behavior of the youth in the community? Furthermore, how are the young people affected by the culture?
  7. What are the side effects of ingredients used to manufacture food in the factories?
  8. What are the correlation between the income, education, and housing in your community or nearby society?
  9. What are the compositions of social movements in the community and how do they resolve their conflicts?

Sociological paper topics

Writing term papers are common phenomena in schools. Therefore, it is essential to have a list of possible sociological topics ready in case of any eventuality. This article lists some of the potential term paper topics that a sociology student can come across while in college and the university. The exciting ideas contained in the report are meant to guide and give a sociology student a range of topics that are relevant to the program they are undertaking.

The list below suggests some of the sociological term paper topics that a student can choose from:

  1. Do housing allocation in the urban areas favor city residents with a higher income?
  2. Should race determine who gets a house or employment in the urban areas?
  3. Why does music influence the youth culture in most societies?
  4. Should education level be a factor in employment?
  5. Should the people who do not subscribe to lesbian and gay sexual orientation be exposed to the ideas and the social behavior of the gay and lesbian community?
  6. Should factories be compelled to display the ingredients, cooking procedure, and other related information about the food they sell to the consumers?

Sociology project topics

Students can undertake independent study projects while learning which are subject to the approval of the university within which they are studying. Projects have to meet the unique conditions put in place by schools. Some of the major topics that are popular with sociology students are mass media, women and gender issues, juvenile delinquency, and social responsibilities undertaken by the corporate organization. Sociology students can use the topics to generate sociology research question for examination.

sociological research paper topics

Sociology project questions

The research questions for some of the project topics are:

  1. How do mass media help the people in the society to interact?
  2. The purpose of the society in reducing crime by minors of below 18 years.
  3. Has there been a change in how the community views the role of female gender at home and in the workplace?
  4. Are the corporate social responsibility undertaken by business firms meant to be the benefit to the society or are they marketing ploys tailored to benefit the company?

Sociology topics for presentation

Sociology students will at some point during their learning be required to make a presentation of some of the issues they learned while in class. Whereas there are myriad topics for presentation, this article recommends that the student explore subjects that touch on current affairs, diseases, and controversial issues like a mercy killing, abortion legalization, and gender issues.

Unique research paper ideas

Some of the research topics stand out due to the immense influence they have on the society or due to the high level of interest they generate among the students. The questions are influenced by the current happenings in the world or the controversy that are attached to them by the world’s population. Some of the topics are topics have been studied a few times by the scholars hence hold the excellent opportunity of providing additional information to the field. The possible research topics are religion, economic and cultural globalization, and environmental issues.

  1. What impact does religion has on the culture in society?
  2. Does religion offer some solution to ills in the society like crime and bullying?
  3. Can religion be used as one of the means to strengthen the societal structures?
  4. Does embracing religion strengthen the family unit?
  5. Does religion offer the best solution to the vices in the society when compared to the law?
  6. Is economic globalization fair to all citizens of the world?
  7. Does economic globalization promote economic and social inequality in the society?
  8. Has globalization promoted unfair distribution of wealth to developing nations?
  9. What benefit do globalization has to the American and Europe’s middle-class citizens?
  10. Can cultural globalization improve the world integration and by extension the world peace?
  11. Is it possible to achieve equal distribution of resources in the world?
  12. Is cultural globalization beneficial to communities like the aborigines in Australia?
  13. Are the male gender to blame for the increase in crime within the rural areas?
  14. Do illegal immigrants affect the trends in the society within which they are assimilated?
  15. What is the best possible way in which the developed nations can manage the immigrants from developing countries?
  16. Does compensate and repatriation of illegal immigrants the best way of reducing the unauthorized immigration affecting developed nations?
  17. Was the issue of illegal immigration brought about by economic and cultural globalization?
  18. What is the link between illegal immigrants and the conflicts in the society?
  19. Ways in which hosting illegal immigrants can be a recipe for chaos in the society?
  20. Are developed nations more to blame for global warming?
  21. What is the role of the developing nations in promoting climate change?
  22. How do climate changes affect the societal structures in developed nations?
  23. How do events like flooding and drought occurring due to global warming affect the society?
  24. Are the government’s efforts to forestall climate change genuine? Moreover, how does it affect the society?
  25. Is taking care of one’s environment a moral obligation?
  26. Can environmental issues get linked to changes in the human population?
  27. Ways in which the society contributes to environmental pollution?
  28. What is the link between global warming and rise of diseases in the 21st century?

Social issues essay topics

Proposal paper ideas

Writing an excellent research proposal depends on the topic chosen for the study. Students are advised to select issues that are relevant to the course they are taking. Also, the research proposal topic should be appealing to the researcher. The sociology study subjects for the study can include issues to do with culture, unemployment, sexual abuse, child pornography, and globalization. The topics explore some of the most common issues in the society for enabling the student to complete the proposal successfully.

Sociological issues

Sociological issues are problems that affect a large section of the community. The issues may emanate from conflicts regarding the positions taken by individuals in the society regarding to that, which is ethical. The societal issues can form some of the interesting study topics for sociology students. Some of the research questions are listed below:

  1. Is same sex marriage an ethical issue?
  2. 100. Is legalizing abortion and prostitution good for the society? What other factors should be put into consideration before the legal aspects of the variables are considered?

Social justice topics

Social justice deals with matters affecting the society like resource distribution, human rights, and equal distribution of opportunities. Conducting a research study to social justice themes is also hugely beneficial to sociology students. Some of the possible study topics dealing with social issues are listed below:

  1. How far is education level linked to the distribution of opportunities in the society?
  2. Does distribution of resources promote stability in the community?
  3. How far is individual wealth linked to human rights?
  4. What is the relationship between politics and the observation of human rights in a country?
  5. How far does equal distribution of wealth rely on political goodwill?
  6. How do conflicts in the society affect the distribution of capital?
  7. What is the correlation between conflicts in the society and fair allocation of opportunities?

sociology research topics

Social injustice topics

The world is not devoid of violation of human rights in the society; therefore, having a list of possible study topics for the matter is a plus for sociology students. This article lists social injustice topics below:

  1. What is the effect of mass shootings experienced in the US and other parts of the world on societal structure?
  2. Do repeal of affordable care act amount to gross violation of human rights?

Social issues essay topics

Essays are texts regarding subjects. Having quite some possible sociology topics is a plus to any college or university-going student as they are the most common methods of examining a student’s knowledge on a subject. Some of the essay topics for social issues are cataloged below:

  1. How will legalizing prostitution affect the society?
  2. How do sexually transmitted illnesses burden the community?
  3. What are the factors that fuel alcohol abuse in colleges and universities?
  4. Does substance abuse have a role to play in leading one to prostitution?
  5. How does poverty influence alcohol abuse?
  6. Is unemployment a factor leading to overconsumption of alcohol in some individuals?
  7. How do various societies in the world deal with prostitution?
  8. How do laws in various jurisdictions treat people who abuse alcohol?
  9. How does an unequal distribution of wealth change a community?
  10. What triggers sexual abuse in workplaces and learning institutions?
  11. How do various societies deal with early pregnancies?
  12. What are the adverse effects of prostitution and drug abuse on the community?
  13. How do teenage pregnancies affect the community?
  14. How do societies with a higher population of older generation react to teenage pregnancies?

I hope that the sociology research topics for college students listed above helps.