Pieces of Advice on How to Study Effectively

Learning new chapters on any subject is sometimes very boring. However, if you use the technique described below, you will stay concentrated and learn more information during a shorter period.

Study Less, Study Smart


The psychology professor Dr. Marty Lobdell gives the lecture “Study Less, Study Smart,” where he suggests his best pieces of advice for learning so that you will not have to take horrible cram sessions any more. You can find the video of this lecture, which is quite old, but it is really a thing that each student has to watch. The lecture is rather long, but if you motto is learn more study less; these several recommendations may be handy:

Study in Short Sessions

You probably know that your ability to perceive new data decreases after half an hour, so try to break your studies into smaller sessions. Provide yourself with small rewards during the pauses: fun activities, healthy sweets or anything you like.

Have a Perfect Place for Study

Do not learn at places, which are intended for other activities. Do not study in bed, at the kitchen table or near your laptop.

Learn Taking Notes

Find a perfect way of taking notes that works the best for you and always expand your notes after learning new material in class in order to increase understanding of the new topic.

Try to Teach what You Have Learned

When you are able to teach the material to another person, it means that you have a good command of the topic.

Read Efficiently

Try using the SQ3R Method – survey, question, read, recite, and review – to remember the received information. You should realize that simple reading is not enough.

Divide into Facts and Concepts

Facts are those things, which are easy to forget; sometimes you need to use special devices to learn them. Concepts are like glue, which holds the whole picture together. Concepts are the key ideas of why you are learning something; they help you not forget and keep knowledge in your memory.

Stop losing your time studying at just a half of the rate you could do and study smart using these tips:

  • Divide your study time into short sessions.
  • Find a place for studying.
  • Find a way to take notes.
  • Teach what you learn.
  • Use effective reading methods.
  • Divide information into facts and concepts.