Packing Tips for Moving into the Dorm: For & Against

Once you enter the college, you face a bunch of challenges; one of them is your accommodation. Should you rent an apartment or live in a student dorm? Here we will explain all the pros and cons of dorm living.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the dorms:  


  1. You will be on time to all your classes due to the short distances between the dorms and academic buildings. No early get ups, no hurry ups for meal breaks, no buses or driving, no transportation expenses, no comings late. Everything is near, so it is suitable and comfortable. The distance issue will save your time, money, and mood.
  2. Fast acquaintances. Another advantage of living on campus is how fast you can get to know other students. When you are together in the dorm, communication process develops very fast, because the dorms are full of students.
  3. Study partnership. Since your communication range gets immensely wider as you live in a dorm, your chances to find a perfect partner for studying are very high. Teamwork is important, and studying in pairs proved to be very effective.
  4. Meals & common rooms. You will get free meals at the cafeteria with your student card. Meals there are usually well cooked and delicious. Common rooms as a space for relaxation, friendly chatting, and studying are traditional student accessory. You will be missing them when you graduate, so take your time and enjoy!
  5. You are independent and responsible. Living on campus means your own room, bed, toilet, desk, and so on. Do not forget your own schedule and food preparation, your own decisions and day schedule. No one is watching or controlling you.

Now it is time to share other college students tips and talk about some disadvantages of dorm living.

  1. It is noisy. So many people hanging around certainly means some noise. Door jamming, running on corridors, music, talking, partying, and laughter, sometimes you will be going nuts because of this, really.
  2. No Home Feeling. This cozy emotion will fade away at the dorm, because you will be alone and independent with no parents around.
  3. Privacy. Sometimes you might need to stay on your own, and in the dorm, it is almost impossible. This refers mostly to people of introvert type.
  4. You will get bored. Despite tons of fun and motion in the dorm, you can get bored of meeting all those people in the corridors and seeing all those faces every day. Out of a sudden, dorm living can seem terrifyingly boring.