Living in a Dorm

Before we even go to college, we wonder what would surprise us about dorm life. Our expectations can be different. Some students believe that it would be so great to meet new people and make new friends living in dormitory. Others think that sharing little space with someone unfamiliar is terrifying.

Here are the most common dorm horror stories

Dorm-lifeFirstly, let us talk about living on campus. On the websites of most universities, you can have a virtual tour of the campus. There is an ability to visit the entire territory. You can see a spacious room with several windows, where you will live along for the next several years. You want to click around on the site and see other rooms, but this room is the only one displayed in the tour, so you think that all the rooms are similar. What will be a disappointment when you come and see the real situation! The fact is that they show the best room because they want to attract you. The reality is different from the picture. Another horrible story will occur with campus Wi-Fi when you start working. Yes, you can get your own router, but it should be reconfigured to the university rules. In any case, your Internet connection will be awful and slow. Let’s consider another side of the situation.

Secondly, let us have a glance at living in dormitory. Yes, life there is a little bit easier; nevertheless, it has its skeleton in the closet. If you dislike a big number of people near you, you should leave in a separate apartment. It is hard to attain privacy in the dorm, where double rooms are turning into triple rooms. Not everyone can live in such conditions. Also, we can’t forget about bathrooms. Most of them are used by at least 4 people and it’s great if your shower has a door, not just curtains. Sometimes the situation becomes really horrible.  Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who enjoy their independent life of the adults.

Yes, dorms have their horror stories, but they are not houses of horror. If you really want to feel the joy of the lifetime, just try to live a full student life.