Literature Essay Tips

Students are often assigned to write a literature essay. It is usually a review of the events described in a book or story. When you prepare such a paper, it is necessary to provide readers with valuable information about a particular subject. This type of academic work is usually identified by its purpose. What does it mean? The thing is that this piece of writing may pursue a certain goal or represent key points of the addressed matter. It may also focus on the argument presented in your thesis statement. Producing a literature essay does not mean just recounting the events that happened in the story. Any kind of college task is a possibility to broaden your knowledge in a certain field. Such assignments will help you develop your skills in two directions:

  1. Gathering material. While writing essays about literature, you will learn to collect relevant facts about the examined issue. You will know how to analyze information and get that of cardinal importance.
  2. Critical evaluation. You will understand which sources are worth using and which are not.

A literature essay has the following peculiarities:

  1. It deals with a specific literature work you have decided to analyze.
  2. It summarizes the available material about the chosen item.
  3. This paper discusses the pros and cons of the debated issue.
  4. It shows which questions have not been answered yet and need more extensive research.

If you want to prepare a great essay on literature, try to answer the questions mentioned below:

  1. Can my paper be useful to readers? Does it discuss some important issues? What problems does it raise?
  2. What type of work am I analyzing (book, novel, poem)? What area am I writing in?
  3. Have I gathered enough material for my paper? Have I conducted an in-depth research to get all the required data? Have I excluded unnecessary information? Have I used a proper number of sources for my work? Am I sure that the sources I have used are reliable?
  4. Have I carefully analyzed the literature work I am writing about? Do I use a certain approach or strategy while preparing the paper? Do I provide a full description of the explored items or just list them? Do I stress their strong and weak points?
  5. Have I presented in the essay a point of view opposite to mine? Have I used any quotations from other works? Have I cited them properly?
  6. Is my project worth readers’ attention? Will the readers find it interesting and useful?

In order to make sure that you have used the right sources while writing your drama essay, take next questions into account:

  1. Has the author of the book clarified the matter? Is it accurately identified? Is its importance neatly illustrated?
  2. Could the author use a more efficient method while dealing with the item?
  3. What is the research direction of the author (comparison, interpretation, evaluation)?
  4. What is the conceptual frame of the author (philosophical, psychological)?
  5. What is the connection between theoretical and practical issues?
  6. Has the author of a certain book or article analyzed the material on the matter which you discuss in your poetry essay? Does the author put forward the viewpoint opposite to his/hers?
  7. How good are the results of the conducted research? Is the obtained data accurate? Is the performed analysis of the facts detailed? Is the conclusion reasonable? Does it logically summarize the work?
  8. Examine whether the author uses various stylistic devices to impress readers. Find out whether he/she gives some examples, or puts rhetorical questions to make the readers act. Does he/she give plentiful evidence in order to support his/her ideas?
  9. In what way does the author state the facts? Are they relevant to the topic of the paper?
  10. Does a particular study help us tackle the problem? Can it be applied in practice?
  11. How does this book contribute to my poetry analysis essay? Does it have anything in common with the items I discuss in my work?

It is obvious that one has to do a lot of work in order to write a paper up to standard. Certainly, it takes much time and demands considerable research skills. However, if you follow the above-mentioned directions, you will write a superior academic work.

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