Essential Tips on How to Build a Career Plan within 15 Minutes

Everyday routine absorbs us so much that millions of people automatically go to the work, which they do not like and in which they do not have any prospects.  Does such behavior correspond to the name of ‘homo sapience’? Stop for a moment to determine your future path! I do not believe that since your childhood you have been dreaming of crazy rush, you are in now, and making ends meet every month!  

Prospective Career Planning and Development Tips


  1. Write down the list of what you like and hate doing. Start from something general, for example, “like communication with people,” but do not avoid the details like “I cannot stand working with papers.” Recall all your previous jobs and experiences.
  2. Summarize your achievements since school age. What are you really good at? Are you using all your potential now? How can you develop your career aspirations today? What position should you take to display your talent? Be realistic. Search for the opportunities in your location. They always exist. All you should do is to look for them better.
  3. Think over your present position. What are your responsibilities? Do they have anything in common with the second item? What perspective does your current employment provide for your future? You ought to do it to establish the starting point of your personal career plan.
  4. Figure out how to get you dream job. Where would you like to be in years? From what is it better to start? What additional skills, acquaintances, courses, and literature can help you to fulfill your career aspirations? What positions do you consider good for you?
  5. Put the fourth item into the chronological order. Start from the most significant milestones. Afterward, add literature, skills to develop, and training courses to attend in order to obtain them.

If you go through all items of our personal career plan precisely, you will have the guide to your success. All you need to do to make it perfect and motivational is to add the deadlines. Yes, without them you can stay on the first rank until your retire. We are always busy for our dream realization, but agree that the most urgent routine tasks are always done on time. Consequently, all we need to do is to reconsider the priorities.

Do not delay with the start! Plans, which are not realized within 72 hours, are at risk to be never fulfilled. Do not let it happen again!