Descriptive Essay Topics

Many students believe that descriptive essay topics are the easiest ones among those assigned to perform at home. This is actually true, because this kind of writing does not require serious research. When writing this paper, you can use your imagination to the full.

If you are assigned to write a descriptive essay, it has to include creative writing, even if the theme seems to be boring and uninteresting. However, if there is an opportunity to select a topic on your own, try to be as creative as you can, because the success of your paper on 75% depends on the topic you choose. Do not avoid general topics. Sometimes you will have to spend more time for such work, but in this case your paper will interest your readers and they will enjoy the essay.

If you have no descriptive essay ideas, the writing may become a difficult task for you. If you are looking for a topic that requires serious research, you should pay attention to a few tips given below. The list of topics we provide, can motivate to write your own masterpiece.

The titles are very important because they capture readers’ attention at the first glance and motivate them to continue reading. Therefore, when you wonder how to write a descriptive essay, start with an interesting title. It should not be too long, but it must briefly describe the subject of your paper.

It is necessary to clarify, whether you know exactly what you have to do, because just before writing a lot of students ask: “What is a descriptive essay?” For most people, the word “describe” means to illustrate something – an object, feeling, sound – with words. The same can be said about descriptive essay – it helps to illustrate something using illustrative language so that the reader could imagine what you see, hear or feel.

Choosing the topic for a presentable essay can be quite a difficult task. In your paper, you will have to share your own experiences, but it is not always easy to write about something and succeed. Therefore, here are some good descriptive essay topics that are worth making some writing efforts.

  • The best place to spend vacations with the family
  • The best place to work at
  • The best surprise or present you have ever got
  • The first date
  • The first kiss
  • The first harangue
  • The first award you won
  • A new car
  • A book / painting / photo that impressed you
  • Your best friend
  • Your pet
  • A professor who affected your world view
  • A walk in the forest
  • A perfect date
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • Your life goal
  • Your worst phobia
  • The brightest childhood memory
  • Your mascot
  • The worst day of your life
  • A night walk
  • The day when you met your love
  • First day at work
  • Getting lost in a big city
  • Your biggest dream
  • Your worst nightmare
  • Reunion with an old friend
  • The longest trip in your life
  • A lesson taught by life
  • Your favorite song / singer / musician
  • Your favorite dish
  • The most delicious dessert you have ever tried
  • A camping trip
  • Your addiction
  • Experience of living abroad
  • A haunted house
  • A case that changed your life
  • Your hero
  • The biggest achievement in your life
  • Visiting places from your childhood

There is a huge choice of descriptive essay topics to choose from, when one wants to write an exciting descriptive essay. Be sure to pay enough attention to details, show your creativity and your essay will deserve the highest grades.

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