Common Application Essay

If you are about to begin your application season and need to submit a common application essay, do not panic. Sooner or later, all students find yourself in the same situation. Some colleges and universities oblige learners to submit different application essays, whereas many of educational establishments allow submitting common application essays that makes the writing process easier. If you have doubts about how to structure your paper what ideas to include, please, find the best tips on writing application essays. Our online writing tips have helped thousands of students like you succeed during admission period.

  1. If you do not know how to write a common application essay, you should focus on the selection of topic first. You are welcome to use some brainstorming techniques to generate inspirational ideas about what you should discuss in your application paper. However, when students begin brainstorming, they claim that their mind is full of dreadful experiences like hospital visits, personal issues, family tragedies, and so on. Application writing is not to make admission officers sympathetic. It’s about how you can present your higher values and future aspiration by referring to the past experiences. It can be pretty challenging, especially if you do not get a common application essay help. You should think positively and introduce ideas of special importance to you. For example, mention how you met with a strange person, who gave you some pieces of advice, or how you got stuck in a dreadful situation and did not know what to expect from life.
  2. When you begin checking some common application essay prompts, the biggest part of your application process will be completed. Usually, writing an essay is the last stage of application because you already have the test scores, GPA is overcome, and so on. Therefore, do not think that your essay plays the most important role. It is just a part of the application process and cannot stand alone without other components. Some students get depressed when they hear a word common application essay, but they should not. The sooner you realize that it is just a piece of writing, the better results will be attained.
  3. Many students ask themselves “What do application officers want to find in students’ papers?” – Nobody has a clear answer to this questions. However, remember that admission officers are people too. Think what might be interesting for your parents to read and include those ideas in the common application essay. Those people read thousands of essays, so you should be creative. Presenting “routine” ideas is not counted. If you want to stand out from the rest, think outside the limits.
  4. Admission officers have never met you and do not know you as a person. So, it is obligatory to somehow present yourself in 1-2 sentences, if you want those people to understand your personality better.

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