College Essay Prompts

Most likely, you have heard of writing prompts, even if you do not write in a professional capacity. Prompts are a very useful tool for every type of writing. Hence, it makes sense to understand how they work, especially if you are someone who would benefit from college essay prompts.

What Are Writing Prompts?

A writer who specializes in works of fiction might want to use writing prompts to get their creative side kick-started. When it comes to writing, a prompt is a topic idea, around or upon which a writer can write down their thoughts and/or ideas. A prompt might be just one word, a phrase, an image or picture, or an entire paragraph. The idea is to give the writer some specific thing to focus on while they write. You can adhere closely to the initial prompt or stray away from it – whichever you desire.

Using prompts, a writer can develop a set of rough, disparate notes or they might create a complete and highly polished story or a scene for a story or play. Whether the work is a piece of factual or creative writing, the whole point is to get a writing project underway without the type of hindrances that usually hold writers back.

The following are four valid reasons for using prompts:

  1. There are occasions when it is difficult to get the writing process off the ground, especially when one starts with a page that is completely blank. Having some type of prompt to focus on for a time can help stimulate the writer’s creative side. After writing for even ten minutes from a prompt, it should become easier to get back to the text you were meant to be writing in the first place. It can also help to stop focusing too intently on what you meant to write about and focus instead on the prompt. By doing so, the thoughts, ideas and words you wanted for your initial piece should start coming to you.
  2. Anything you write from a prompt can also become valuable in its own right. You can get ideas from a prompt and, from there, an entire story can develop or you might get new ideas for a different assignment. Once you get started, you are likely to be surprised by the amount of material that can turn up.
  3. Writing from college essay prompts on a regular basis can help you practice and develop your writing skills. It acts as a type of workout where you can build your “muscle strength” until it becomes much easier to write more prolifically and for lengthier periods.
  4. You can also use prompts to become involved in writers’ groups or communities. At times, a writers’ group provides common prompts for all members to write about, with the objective that everyone develops written pieces that can be shared. This initiative can serve to encourage aspiring writers. However, individual members can feel inhibited in the knowledge that other members of the group will be reading their work.