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Traveling is, emotionally speaking, always fun and a great way to spend your time. However, financially speaking, it’s not really so. Planning your destination is one of the crucial steps to save money and choose wisely.

The travel website offers great places not only for you, but for your wallet as well.

Best Places to Visit (Both for You, and Your Financial Future Wellbeing)

  • Places You Should VisitAntigua, Guatemala

Because it’s located in between volcanoes, it’s really hot in Antigua. Combine it with great architectural sights, cobblestone streets, and an astonishing set of restaurants, and you will get a perfect recipe for an unforgettable getaway.

  • Granada, Nicaragua

If you travel on a budget of not more than a few hundred dollars, you should probably take a look at Granada. Because of its location, it’s warm there regardless of the time of the year. Beautiful Lake Nicaragua, amazing Mombacho volcano, and an impressive array of sights to look at make it a place truly worth visiting.

  • Podgorica, Montenegro

If you want to travel on a budget that is relatively small, but want something more European, choose Podgorica. While staying there, don’t forget to visit the old city district of Stara Varos – you will never forget its fascinating buildings, picturesque roads, restaurants, and praying sites.

  • York, UK

The city itself brings about the ancient times feelings, which makes it really stand out from all the other UK places of interest. It is still circled by old safety walls, like a fortress, and boasts many cathedrals, while at the same time has much modern-styled restaurants and bars to offer if you are more into such things.

  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

This destination translates to “the city of love” in Arabic language and to some extent resembles the Las Vegas partying life style. Provided that visa question is solvable for you – you will never regret visiting this fascinating city.

  • Montevideo, Uruguay

With its famous world’s longest Carnival from January to March, tango restaurants, tons of water activities, and beautiful classical architecture, Montevideo has very much to offer, for a relatively small price.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

If you are a religious person – you have to visit Israel. Despite being the most popular destination in Israel, it’s still very cheap and, as a bonus, has some great street food and relatively affordable accommodation.

  • Thessaloniki, Greece

This port city in Greece still has Byzantine-build walls, numerous museums, sights, and other pieces of stunning architecture. At the same time, don’t be fooled that it’s a quiet medieval-styled city – you can party all night there, and have more fun than anywhere else. You can travel the world, but not find anything like this city.

If you want to travel the world, but not end up regretting your money spent, plan your destination and trip in advance, and follow the tips on how to travel wisely.