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Social Issue Essay Sample About Using Contraception Among Teenagers in UK

According to Lee (2006), the skills of reading and critiquing either quantitative or qualitative research are essential prerequisites for those who intend to undertake a critical review of literature, begin their own research, or initiate systematic reviews of research (p. 32). In this regard, the article “Why Don’t Teenagers Use Contraception? ” by Sally Brown […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Scientology

In the 21st century, people have a wide range of options in what to believe. On the one hand, they can choose traditional monotheistic religions like Christianity, Judaism or Islam. On the other hand, they can choose polytheistic religions that will suit their spiritual needs perfectly. There are still many other options for those, who […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Connection Between Apartheid and Crimes

Apartheid and Crimes The topic of racial interrelationships is very popular in the world’s modern literature. The famous writers from the South African Republic Nadine Gordimer (Country Lovers) and Alice Walker from the United States (The Welcome Table) vividly depicted the racial interrelationships in their works. Though the authors are from the different countries, the […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Anti-Abortion Arguments

Introduction There is no doubt about the fact that abortion is one of the most sensitive topics under debate in recent decades because it involves discussion of such issues as public morality and personal responsibility. It would be fair to say that pro-life and pro-choice sides have their own supporters, so their power is approximately […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Harriet Tubman and Her Contribution to the Fight Against Slavery

Introduction Harriet Tubman belonged to the second generation of slaves who committed her life to fulfilling her cry to slaveholders (Terry 555). Harriet freed herself from slavery and returned to the south about 19 times in order to free more than three hundred slaves. According to Siener and Chambers (35), Harriet had an imperturbable faith […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Drug and Domestic Terrorism in Colombia

  These words can fully describe a specific cruel nature of the era of violence which devoured the world during the 70th – 80th years of the 20th century. That was a dark time full of blood, grief and tears. One of the main devils that terrorized the society of those years was extremism and […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Communication in Step-Family Relationships

This research paper will focus on the documentary that goes by the name “Inside polygamy”. The documentary is hosted by Kurtis Bill to reveal the polygamous situations during the late years of 90’s with the focus of Utah community. The film starts by telling us how a sixteen year old ran away from the uncle […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Obesity as a Disability

The problem of overweight people has been seriously considered in the United States for many years. However, with the advent of the twenty-first century the issue of obesity and even morbid obesity became so critical that it may soon require government intervention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than 35% of […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Sample About Voting Rights Act of 1965 as the Litmus Paper of American Democracy

Abstract This research paper deals with the Voting Rights Act and the events that preceded the official signing, also its role for American people, the pros and cons of having the law, the biggest winners and losers, the major players who made it possible the ratification of the bill. The research paper focuses on the […] Read more

Social Issue Essay Saple on Topic About Depression in Young Adults

Abstract This essay will research and investigate depression in young adults. It will review the recent evidence-based literature to provide a discussion on the effect of depression on young adults. This discussion will include a general overview of the illness and the incidence and prevalence within the selected population group. The critique of the assessment […] Read more