Brainstorming Techniques

If you comprehend the scope of work in your essay writing and understand the topic to the full, you can resort to brainstorming to generate the best ideas. Usually, instructors ask to take this step during the pre-writing stage, because it allows generating numerous ideas of all types. Undoubtedly, the aforementioned method gives a chance to put versatile ideas on paper, but it does not mean that all of them must be utilized in essay writing. The whole idea is to get as many ideas as possible, which will be further sorted out. Brainstorming does not mean being in a rush and spend 1-2 minutes on this process. You can dedicate a bigger time frame for adopting this method in order to define the main idea and a great deal of supporting ones.

Brainstorming ideas can be produced in different ways. However, the most commonly used methods are presented below. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

Technique #1 – Idea Map

If you would like to be involved in brainstorming for an essay, drawing an idea map is a good choice. Many students claim that creating a visual representation of their ideas helps systematize information. Moreover, drawing a map can be very helpful if you would like to see if ideas relate to one another. If you do not clearly understand how to organize your ideas and what structure to choose, create an idea map and you will see how many paragraphs the essay should include.

If you do not know how to brainstorm ideas for the map, write a topic in the center and draw a circle around it. Every new idea should be written around the circle and you can draw a line to see if the idea is connected with the topic. Every main idea should be placed in a circle. All supplementary ideas can be put in triangles or squares. Remember that your goal is to produce as many ideas as possible. Then you will revise your sketch and check if ideas directly relate to the topic or can be used as additional ones in evidential support. Drawing circles, triangles, etc. can be very effective if your imagination tends to generate ideas based on drawing rather than writing.

Technique #2 – Idea List

Many students think that they are very good in drawing and their visual representation of ideas is not a good way out. In essay writing, the choice of brainstorming techniques is up to you. The second commonly used method is listing ideas on paper. Students are required to list their thoughts on paper in all possible ways. You should “extract” thoughts from your brain during a certain time span.

At the top of your paper, always mention the topic, which would allow to concentrate on a specific question. Then simply create a list of ideas, without sorting them out. Add anything that appears in your mind. If you have to cover a complex topic, you will not be able to apply brainstorming without in-depth research. Read appropriate materials and get back to this method.