Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Customers of can avail of several additional and optional services to suit their specific needs. One of these services is one we refer to as progressive delivery. The aim of this service is to enable any customer who has an order that is longer and/or more complex than usual (e.g., orders of 10 or 20 pages (in single or double-spacing respectively) to manage these papers more effectively.

What are the key benefits of getting your order in parts?

  • Progressive delivery makes it easier for customer to track their orders since they receive them in part. This gives the customer time to approve our work or ask for revisions before the final date for submitting a paper.
  • This method of delivery allows a 30-day timeframe for customers’ to request free revisions (this compares to a 2-day revision period for orders delivered by standard methods).
  • All orders are assigned to our company’s most competent and talented writers and most conscientious editors.
  • You will have a manager allocated to personally supervise the progress of your order. It will be the responsibility of this person to ensure that communication between you and your writer is prompt and efficient and that your order is completed in a successful manner.

How you can expect the drafts or parts of your order to be delivered*:

  • Say you require your order within 4 days (i.e. at any time not exceeding this period). In this case we will send you a draft equal to 25% of the total size of your order before half (50%) of the deadline we agreed with you expires. (This means that if you order a document totaling 20 pages to be delivered in 6 days, we will send you 5 pages worth of draft before 3 days of the agreed deadline has elapsed.)
  • Say you require your order at a time that falls between 5 and 11 days. In this case, we will send you drafts (two) equal to quarter (25%) and half (50%) of your order before the same amounts (25 and 50%) of the agreed deadline has elapsed.
  • Say you require your order in 12 days (or at a time exceeding 12 days). In this case, we will send you drafts (three) equal to quarter (25%), half (50%), and three-quarters (75%) of your order before the same amounts (25, 50, and 75%) of the agreed deadline has elapsed.

How much does progressive delivery cost? A mere +15% more than the cost of regular order delivery.

* It may be that a customer wants their order(s) delivered by some method other than the one detailed above. If this applies to you, you may discuss your personal preferences and order requirements with the manager looking after your order and they will devise a method of delivery to accommodate your needs.

Summary Service 

In the event any customer of requires a summary of a paper they have ordered from us, we will be happy to accommodate them. In these cases, we can provide you with a brief one-page summary (a 300-word document) showing the key ideas or points from your paper. Customers who need to do a live presentation of their topic/research work often find summaries useful and, indeed, this is something we recommend to people with such a requirement.

Draft Service

In the event a customer of requires a draft of a paper they ordered from us, we can accommodate them by providing a one-page draft (a 300 or 600-word document in double or single spacing respectively). We can make these available when half (50%) of the agreed deadline is reached. If, for instance, the agreed deadline is 6 days, we will send your draft document when 3 days of this time has been reached.

Want More Time for Requesting Revisions?

Customers of our company are guaranteed free revisions. The standard time for requesting a revision is 48 hours, but this can be extended to 14 days under the terms of our “extended revision” service.