Abortion pills and clinics in the USA

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1. General Damage and Advantages of Abortion for American Society

Abortion has existed for an extended period and has affected society in diverse ways, equally negative as well as positive. In the American culture, abortion has been a hotly debated topic since the practice became into existence. However, this debate deepens when abortion is considered as an alternative birth control form. Many typical pro-choice abortion arguments essay assert that contraceptives are not 100% effective and a child should not be brought in a world in, which is not wanted (Allanson & Astbury, 2016). According to many sources on abortion essay, if a person is raped, conventional contraception is not an option someone should take. Common pro-life abortion argumentative essay emphasize that abortion can make the mother develop medical complications; the child may live its full life with a caring adoptive family, and also abortion is contrary to the 6th commandment of the Bible.

Just like any other terrible condition, abortion elicits stress regardless of the woman’s circumstance or age. According to the American Psychological Association, stress is at high just before the abortion, and for many qualified women in the procedure, there is a slight indication of post-abortion syndrome (Allanson & Astbury, 2016). Although, women who are unacquainted with the process and decides hastily to abort unwanted pregnancy often are not prepared psychologically for such an eventuality. Furthermore, abortion argumentative essay stresses that teenagers who become mums repeatedly have grim projections for the future. They are at most likely to drop out of the school, get insufficient prenatal care, and depend on public support to raise a kid as well as develop health complications. The total number of teens that get pregnant account for a slightly small percentage of the abortions completed each year in the United States. According to current research report, only 17% of abortions done in the US is for the teenagers.

In addition to the probable psychological concerns of quick decisions as well as innocent life termination, abortion could probably cause medical complications afterward in life. For those women who at some point have had an abortion, the ectopic pregnancy risks doubles and chances of pelvic inflammatory diseases and miscarriage as well increase.

2. Specific Arguments Pros Abortion

Abortion has been one of the primary debates of all times. According certain pro-abortion essay arguments, some individuals consider abortion immoral and more so murder. The abortion’s right definition is; “pregnancy termination process that involves expulsion or removal of the embryo from the uterus before it is competent for normal growth.” These pro-life advocates are against the notion of induced abortion, and they as well believe it needs to be illegalized. In many should abortion be legal essay, the above concept has as well led to a hot debate. However, many of these proponents fail to understand that if abortion were illegalized, it would still be performed, inappropriately by unqualified staffs. Many persuasive essay on abortion claims that approximately over seventy thousand maternal deaths happen annually because of insecure abortions (Allanson & Astbury, 2016). Consequently, these women perish, so the notion of advocating for pro-life is unacceptable.

Other abortion essay example, argue that pro-choice supporters, advocates for the right to confidentiality including the idea that a woman should have an autonomic choice to do what she gratifies with her body. For instance, if a woman is raped and unfortunately becomes pregnant and she decides not to bear the child, she would have an abortion as the idea of raising a rapist child is much painful to her. Abortion Pro-choice essay custodians take empathies to this woman; however, she is then referred to as a murderer by pro-life supporters. Often abortion occasionally make a woman to face harassment because of the choice she has taken regarding her own body.

The aforementioned is what pro-life advocates. Time and again situations like this turns out into aggravation that can be deliberated as anti-abortion violence. According to some sources on pro-abortion essay, these pro-life enthusiasts stalk, intimidate, and even occasionally execute women who have chosen to abort pregnancy as well as the medical practitioners that provide abortion procedures. Besides, advocates of Pro-life support concept that every child should have the right to live, even in a situation where the mother is not in a financial position to support the kid-the child would struggle daily in the company of its mother. However, such kids would be disadvantaged and could die because of the circumstances in, which they have been compelled to live. Once more this is what abortion essay pro-life arguments defend significantly. Therefore, by weighing the two conflicting opinions, the nation should go by pro-choice.

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3. Specific Arguments Cons Abortion

The safest way to abort pregnancy till the twelfth gestation week is through Abortion Pills. One can buy abortion pill in several Planned Parenthood health centers of which one may be able to get free abortion pill or at a lower cost. Obtaining the abortion pills from a nurse or doctor prescription and ensuring you keep a follow up is the only safest way one can have a medical abortion. If someone buy abortion pill online, there is no any assurance that is getting proper medication, and certain websites even go ahead to provide fake abortion pill for sale. Medicines such as Misoprostol and Mifepristone are the common abortion drugs (Gemzell-Danielsson et al. 2014).

The research report by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that the use of Misoprostol as an abortion pill is only effective in 90% of cases. In this regard, the medicine is not that effective for the first time, and as well it needs to be administered once more after a given period, three days at most (Gemzell-Danielsson et al. 2014). The drug contracts the woman’s womb and therefore makes the fetus for failing in surviving and eventually induce abortion.

Contragestion is merely a contraceptive technique that explicitly prevents fertilized egg’s gestation. This contraception form is known as the ‘morning after’ pill and precludes the pregnancy either by rendering the site for implantation uninhabitable or by stimulating the expulsion of fertilized egg (Gemzell-Danielsson et al. 2014). This birth control category became known through the sale of RU 486, and currently, comprises Next Choice and Plan B. These drugs are readily obtainable in many pharmacies and does not need prescription. The most commonly sold abortion pill online, is the MTP Kit, which is used mostly by women who seek for abortion of a pregnancy that is less than seventy days. This kit comprises of Misoprostol as well as Mifepristone is commonly known as Cytolog, which is utilized in a combined form to terminate an early pregnancy efficiently.

Abortion pills do have specific side effects. They are safe if administered through appropriate medical supervision as well as during the right time of pregnancy. It is noteworthy to the point that the drugs should never be taken in termination of ectopic pregnancy. Mild fever, bleeding, nausea, and cramps are the most common abortion pill side effects. Although, medical assistance needs to be sought in the event of an emergency. However, abortion pills taken at the correct time of pregnancy do not damage the woman’s body and are as well safe. However, there are high abortion pill risks for continues or regular consumption of abortion pills, which is medically wrong as it is detrimental to your body and it reduces the likelihoods of getting pregnant later in life. A current study report by NBCI indicates that abortion pills that are self-administered can lead to mortality as well as morbidity in women. According to the report, only 65.5% of the sample had incomplete abortion, failed abortion was 22.5%, and 7.5% of the sample developed sepsis through incomplete abortion.

The significant drawbacks of Abortion pills or abortion pill risks are that they may result in incomplete abortion, severe abortion pain, hemorrhage, uterus damage, infection, and even death. In the event of failed abortion, the pregnancy persists, and the child can be born having severe birth shortcomings that have long-term implications (Gemzell-Danielsson et al. 2014). Bleeding that is in excess could lead to internal hemorrhage that can induce trauma within cervix, vagina, and uterus. Failed abortion may as well lead to sepsis and infection.

Sometimes, abortion pills can lead to severe pain, which is an indication of failed abortion, infection or sepsis that can have deleterious effects on the health of the woman. Internal organ failure and even death may be caused by bacterial infection, chronic abortion pill pain including excessive bleeding due to failed abortion. Therefore, abortion pills need to be taken according to the prescription of a qualified medical personnel in mitigation of such health hazards.

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4. Benefit from the Prohibition of Abortion

According to pro-life advocates, abortion is wrong, and if a woman demands the right have control over her own body, then she should as well take control when it comes to having unprotected sex that could lead to unwanted pregnancy. It can be possible through abstinence, and mostly inconceivable when the two partners make use of contraceptives. Therefore, whether there is use of contraceptives or not, priority should be given to the innocent unborn child’s life and not the inconvenience that involves giving birth to the baby. The life of a human starts at its conception, which is its most basic form. Abortion is not different from murder as it is as well an act of terminating human life. Abortion is in direct insolence with generally accepted concept of human life sanctity. Therefore, those who assert that an embryo is not yet a human, could look at the following facts: within the first 25days the heart begins to beat; the child makes a fist at eight weeks, get hiccups as well suck their thumbs. The baby develops its unique fingerprints at the ninth week, and the twelfth-week whole body systems start to function. These events takes place in first trimester during, which many abortions are performed.

No civilized society allows an individual to deliberately destroy life of another human without penalty, and abortion is a deliberate harm. Although, in the abortion’s case, this prejudice involves an innocent life, a human being with no protection and defense. There is no need for a woman to keep unwanted child, and it is good for her to bring the pregnancy to a health finality. As a result, adoption is a feasible alternative to abortion and as well accomplishes the same outcomes, although with the new life intact. With over one and a half million American families demanding for child adoption, such thing as unwanted pregnancy has no place in the American society.

When debating abortion, it frequently refers to the right of a woman to control her own body. However, what about the baby? Does the child have the right to live? At one point in life, the fetus would become an existent live baby. Does a homeowner have the right to murder anyone living in her home just because she is the owner of the house? Similarly, the fetus or embryo lives in the woman’s “house,” but then she has NO right to take its life.

It also noteworthy to point out that is a must for a child to have a dignified life, and women who choose abortion in many cases feel that they are incapable of providing their children with the essential dignity, so should abortion be vindicated. But born kids who are despised or live under awful circumstances are not murdered. They would have resources such as therapy and new foster family. Why is the society not enthusiastic to provide similar treatment to unborn kids and let them be born? Is it because it costs a lot of money? If so, then money is chosen and not life.

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While anti-choice protesters love to publicize women having abortions to maintain the liveliness of their careers, it is far much usual that women perform abortions as they feel incapable of caring for the child suitably. Arguments regarding some abortion ethics argue that, even though it is ethical to compel women to continue the pregnancies to their finality, it cannot be moral to compel the birth of babies that are unwanted and may not get the required care. Pregnancy invariably happens as a result of activities of sexuality; therefore, ethical questions of abortion must as well involve moral questions regarding sex itself. Thus, women who choose to abort the pregnancy when they consider themselves not decent mothers makes the best ethical choice that is available to them.

According to the Guttmacher Institute statistics, in the year 2011, the rates of abortion, pregnancy, and birth among teens of 16 years of age in the United States dropped. In the year 2011, approximately 557,000 pregnancies happened among teenaged between 15 and 19 years, for a nationwide rate of 52.5 pregnancies in every 1,000 women within that age bracket. The above rate is the lowest rate recorded in last forty years and marks a 23 percent drop from the 68.2 teen pregnancy rate of the year. Abortion of teen pregnancies is as a result of fear of school dropout, inadequate parental care, and sometimes financial dependence.

The religion also has different views when it comes to abortion, the Buddhist does not have an official stand concerning abortion among, though several Buddhists believe that human life starts at conception and taking it is ethically wrong. However, the Catholic through its extensively publicized teachings of anti-abortion, it is against abortion in all conditions and frequently leads the nationwide abortion debate.

In the nineteenth century, some countries passed laws prohibiting abortion. The Abortion ban was firstly revoked by a small number of states in 1960’s and early 70’s instigating concerns regarding the pro-life population. Conversely, the 1973 Supreme Court verdict of Roe vs. Wade, which pronounced that abortion prohibitions were unconstitutional ignited a hot debate between the pro-life vs. the pro-choice advocates. It was until the late twentieth century that certain countries, the United States included, started to legalize abortion. Today, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new Mifeprex (mifepristone) label, the drug used in aiding medical abortion.

This approval would have saved many American women who have pro-choice from case of Jennifer Whalen from Washingtonville who eighteen-month sentence for helping her daughter abort. The 39-year-old mother’s crime was as a result of ordering abortion pills online, which her elder daughter took in the first weeks of an unexpected pregnancy at the age of 16, to have miscarriage (Bazelon, 2014). The abortion medication was a combination of misoprostol and mifepristone previously known as RU-486, medicines that were illegal in the United States by then (Bazelon, 2014). Since the year 2000, these drugs have been accessible in the United States with doctor’s prescription and are as well used worldwide to cause miscarriage.