7 San Francisco Events You Can’t Miss in November

We all know these legendary lyrics ‘If you come to San Francisco, summertime will be a love-in there.’ But what about the gloomy month of November? It turns out the city has a lot to offer in this time of the year, as well.

Events in November 2016

Francisco-events-you-cant-miss-in-november1. Ice Rinks

Although San Francisco isn’t the most wintry city, it still skilfully creates the magic atmosphere of winter holidays every year. Among the factors that contribute to it are ice rinks, especially the one at Union Square. It’s an affordable way to have fun for the young and the old and to get away from the hustle and bustle at least for some time.


2.Museums for Free

One of the best San Francisco events won’t cost you a penny. The number of local museums will organize completely free exhibitions on several days in November. Don’t miss out on a chance to enlighten yourself free of charge.

3.Great Dickens Fair

Among the things to do in November, there is also something for the history lovers. Travel back in time to Victorian London at the Great Dickens Fair. It offers great entertainment, lots of food and drinks. You can even find some unique Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest there.

4.Walking Tours

For those who want to discover San Francisco on foot, the city offers free walking tours. Every day there are around 10 tours available all over the city, which are conducted by professional city guides. They are free of charge, but small donations at the end of the tour are appreciated.

5.Indian Film Festival

For 40 years in a row, the American Indian Film Festival has been bringing awareness of the life and struggles of Native Americans. If you want to get an insight, check out the Metreon Theater that will screen different documentaries and films about the Indians in November.

6.Golden Gate Marathon

In good traditions of all big cities, there is a running marathon. The distinctive feature of the Golden Gate Half Marathon is that it starts on the legendary bridge and ends in the stunning Presidio Park. You don’t have to be a professional runner but can still enjoy this fun activity.

7.Cirque de Soleil

The Canadian legend is coming to San Francisco again with a new show. This time, it’s all about Mexico. You will immerse into the magical performance with captivating music and completely forget about the reality.

San Francisco is a great city that will never keep you bored. Enjoy a night out to the theater or circus, visit various festivals and exhibitions, relax actively, or enjoy a quiet movie night. San Francisco has them all.