Cheap Weekend Getaways

What do you think of choosing a more interesting path instead of going to that popular, pricey beach club hotel?

Weekend Trips

Here is a list of great weekend trips ideas.

Rent a House

Friends CampingComfortable, yet exciting and non-routine, a house for rent can give you a lot of freedom of choice, whether you want to relax in front of a TV, or sip a cup of coffee on a terrace. The majority of rent places are available for night-by-night booking, so it ensures flexibility as well. Group trips are also likely to be better if you stay in a house rather than a hotel or a resort. is a great site that can help you plan your next unforgettable getaway!

International Cruises to the Middle of Nowhere

Book a trip on a cruise liner to nowhere. Seriously, you don’t have to worry about deadlines or times of arrival – just relax, play, watch movies, shop, swim in the pool, and enjoy all the benefits of a luxurious cruise lifestyle.


What can be better than a weekend spent in the woods, so close to nature? You will be surprised how relaxing it is to stay in a tent, cook your own food on a self-made fire-grill, and wake up to the wild birds singing. Whichever type of adventure you choose, camping is always a great idea if you come prepared with your own water, some food, and helpful tools.

Casino Night Out

Sometimes it is quite an opportunity to have some fun, and even make some money, provided that you are feeling lucky. Try to recreate a Vegas-style night out and you will definitely not regret it. Find a good place to spend a night as well. A great choice can be the American Casino hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, which has a movie theater, huge TVs in rooms and much more.

Become a Tourist in Your Home City

Spend the night in a bed and breakfast hotel that was always appealing to you. Shop at new places you never had time to visit before. Take walks in the parks, enjoy the nature, do some interesting sightseeing. In other words, experience your own town in the best, unique, and new way – and, trust me, satisfaction will be guaranteed.

No matter what sort of holidays you choose, where you go and what you do, remember to always leave behind the routine stress and everyday problems, and explore another side of you, a “travel you.”